Chima Nwankwo

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The very first time I saw a video camera, I was on a production set. It was quite a sight. We were shooting a movie called ‘Lost Season’. Mobile phones were none existent in Nigeria at the time. Back then a video rig was quite a sight. You had the camera which was this big, imposing, strange piece of expensive equipment which was respected by everyone and only touched by the Director of Photography.

Then you had the Video Tape  Recorder which reminded me of a bulky suitcase. It contained the video tape and recorded the images which the camera could see onto a tape. It was carried and operated by the VTR operator. Last of all, there was the sound man who operated the boom microphone and monitored audio levels during takes. But all of that is history now.



With the advent of the internet and subsequently the mobile phone, everyone is now walking around with a video camera complete with post production studio in their pockets. Anyone, anywhere in the world can create content and instantly share it on social media. There is this old saying in journalism that ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’.

I think this needs to be upgraded to ‘the smartphone is mightier than the sword’. Few are aware that the spark on December 10, 2017, that became ‘The Arab spring’ really began when the wares of a fruit trader, Mohammed Bouazizi were destroyed by a policeman in Tunisia. Bouazizi who was an unemployed graduate, poured petrol on himself and set himself on fire. Nothing special right? But somebody recorded Bouazizi when he set himself alight and uploaded the video on social media. The result was instant. It went viral and before you knew it, the arab spring was born.


That is the power of that thing in your pocket that you browse social media with  and play ‘angry birds’ on when you are bored.


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